Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Meet Practice Ted!

Here's a cute little teddy!
As soon as I finished it, my husband claimed it for his car.  

The pattern's really easy.  All I did was draw a teddy shape on graph paper and work it in double crochet.  That seems to approximate to graph squares - not in size, but in proportion.  The ears were worked out as I made them, but they worked well, I think.  He did look rather like a gingerbread man without them.

I'm glad I made a practice ted, because there are some things I would change next time.  I did a little muzzle, which I wouldn't bother with next time - not effective.  And I'm wondering if his body's a bit long.  Maybe I'll make Grunge Ted a bit bigger, too.

Here's the wool I bought on Saturday for Grunge Ted.
Grey for the body, red for the little grungy t-shirt.  And then there's some white felt with sparkles for a logo for the t-shirt.  Pretty macho, no?  Possibly not, but I really can't bring myself to give my godson something I haven't made.  Not when I give everyone else handmade stuff.

Anyway, off to crochet an elephant's bottom, and work out how to convert an elephant pattern to a hippo one.  Shouldn't be impossible, I think.  I may be overconfident there, but I'll post pictures, disaster or no.

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