Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kindle pattern, Mummy Elephant and Grunge Ted

I've been pretty productive over the last few days, despite an attack of the winter sickness bug.  On Monday, I could barely manage a whole row of crochet.  Yesterday, I pretty much finished Mummy Elephant and Grunge Ted.  Got them stuffed and sewn up.

They're both still naked, though, so the next step is to get Mummy Elephant a bow to wear and to make a little t-shirt for Grunge Ted.  I've got a skull-and-crossbones image for the t-shirt that I'll print out and use as a pattern for a felt logo to sew on.  Pics when they're done!

Also, I've put what I hope are the finishing touches to the pattern I wrote out for the Sunshine Daisies Kindle Cover as I was making it.  I think it's as clear as it can be, although no one apart from me has road-tested it.  All the same, it's a PDF document now, and it's on my Folksy shop for sale.  Here it is.

Okay.  Off to make little grungy teddy t-shirts and elephant bows!

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