Saturday, 28 April 2012

Little Crochet Creatures

I've finished a whole bunch of creatures all at once, and here they are.  Ta-dah!

Starting off with Baby Elly - isn't she sweet!

 And here's Baby with Mummy Elly.  Mummy Elly is a gift my friend commissioned from me for her daughter's birthday, and Baby Elly is my gift to go with it.

I'm only slightly sad that Baby can't hold Mummy's tail, like elephants do, but a tail that long looked weird.

My next project - Grunge Bunny, Sweetheart Ted and Star Trek Ted.

Star Trek Ted is a birthday present for my stepson.  (Don't ask how old he is.)  He put in an order as soon as he saw Grunge Ted.  ("You could do a jumper with any motif...  Like a Star Trek insignia!") 

 Grunge Bunny was a follow-on from Grunge Ted.  Could I do bunny ears, I wondered?

Because the ears are double-layered, they can be bent forward or stood up, and the safety pin fits in well.

It took me longer to sort out the tail.  I tried to make a pompom, but it was just way too big, so I made a popcorn stitch in the end.  Perfect size!  The cats are playing with the pompom now.

And Sweetheart Ted.  Pretty pinks and purples with a sparkly white heart on her chest.  Both Grunge Bunny and Sweetheart Ted are for my Folksy shop.  <Follow this link;

And this is my next project - a snazzy crochet bag, commissioned by the lovely Lausi!  It's obviously not going to have these handles, but the stitches and colours will be very similar. It's more inspired by the expensive original than a total copy.

Here are the colours.  The yarn arrived in the post this week, and I just can't help drooling over the lovely jewel colours!

And here are my practice swatches, using some old yarn of the same type.  I'm excited about getting this started.  I'll update here, as it takes shape.

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  1. Absolutely CANNOT WAIT until the bag is done :)))))

    Thank you so much, Ali, for "taking on" that little "project" :)