Saturday, 14 February 2015

Blanket number one!

Yes, it's blanket number one. I not only succumbed to buying one pack of this gorgeous yarn, but also the one in the other colourway.  Here are the pics from blanket number one. 😊
Lots of squares for my Scheepjes Wol blanket number one.  This blanket was as random as I could make it - every square different. It was massively satisfying to pile all the squares up to admire them.

The week one pattern. I got so far, following the pattern, then started varying...

Week two, with bobbles. It was pure murder sewing in all the ends for the contrasting colour bobbles.

Week three.

Week four - the first week I used any sort of theme, colour-wise.

Week five. I altered the pattern on some of them to have more 'butterflies'.

Week six - another theme for the colours.

Week seven - the original pattern didn't have the double flower at the centre, but I felt the gaps were too big, so I filled them in a little.

Week eight - I closed up the gaps around the flower on this one too.

Week nine - plain colours, but every pattern different.

Week ten - more bobbles!

 All joined together! It turns out that random actually takes a lot of organisation.

A pretty lacy border.

And thanks to Wink from A Creative Being (see the link in my side bar), and the ladies from the Facebook CAL group, I have a lovely bright blanket to go on my sofa and snuggle up with in the cold winter evenings.
You can see the other blanket folded on the end of the sofa, and also some of my other current projects, which I will photograph and display soon. That's the plan. For now, on with the projects!