Sunday, 26 May 2013

New Pictures

We've had the same pictures on the walls for some years, and lovely as they are, we've started looking round for some new ones. The old ones have been prints of Lakeland watercolours, which are admittedly a little bit dull. It's time for some brighter colour, methinks.

With that in mind, I bought a picture on impulse when I went into town a few weeks ago. The local art circle was having their Spring Exhibition, and I saw a picture I just didn't want to walk away from. Here it is -

It's of Castle Combe in Wiltshire, in ink and watercolour.  I love the light in it, and the sense of distance and space, and the feeling of season - it's obviously early summer.  It's an amateur picture, and it only cost me £35, but I could imagine it in a fancy gallery for five or six times that amount, and people happily paying it.  Right now, it's on the chimney breast in our living room and every time I look at it, I like it more.

This is the other picture I bought recently.  It's a print by Loretta Grayson, called Backyard With Fireflies I.  I saw something similar on a bookshelf on Lucy's wonderful blog - Attic 24 - and fell in love with it.  When I caught sight of a picture and a link to her shop, I flew there!  Here is her Etsy shop - StellaViolet .  She's based in Australia, which makes it even more exciting.  The picture was delivered perfectly, wrapped beautifully, in A1 condition.  (Cue rant about Royal Mail - restrains self).  Framing was done wonderfully by a local company.

I just love the bright colours and the way it's inspired by the old test cards.  That will make sense to people of a certain age, like me...  I did buy it for my study, but it's currently by our front door so I can look at it every day.

Anyway, back to Case Histories.  Another set of books I really need to read.  I just read an Inspector Banks one by Peter Robinson, and I think I liked it.  Not sure he really has a good grip on writing female characters, but I'll read another few before I give up on him.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Bestest toy!

Meet Penny. She's about four months old, from Team Cat Rescue in Birmingham. A total mischief!  It's a little unnerving that she's such a robust little cat, because our others (rescue cats too) were all quite delicate as kittens.  Penny's a healthy little madam, with a good appetite and plenty of energy. 

There is a house full of toys, of course, and this is the new favourite. A shoe box with holes cut in the top and a bunch of toys inside. She loves hooking them out, then poking them back in. We saw a similar thing on sale in a pet shop for £15!  Robbery!  Other favourite toys include scrunched up receipts. You might almost say she was a cheap cat, if she weren't eating us out of house and home. 

Hattie, above, (lookalike and role model) is happy to be a most expensive cat. Only the costliest food is good enough...