Friday, 24 May 2013

Bestest toy!

Meet Penny. She's about four months old, from Team Cat Rescue in Birmingham. A total mischief!  It's a little unnerving that she's such a robust little cat, because our others (rescue cats too) were all quite delicate as kittens.  Penny's a healthy little madam, with a good appetite and plenty of energy. 

There is a house full of toys, of course, and this is the new favourite. A shoe box with holes cut in the top and a bunch of toys inside. She loves hooking them out, then poking them back in. We saw a similar thing on sale in a pet shop for £15!  Robbery!  Other favourite toys include scrunched up receipts. You might almost say she was a cheap cat, if she weren't eating us out of house and home. 

Hattie, above, (lookalike and role model) is happy to be a most expensive cat. Only the costliest food is good enough...

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