Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Daisy Chain iPad Cover

An iPad cover in the same kind of style as the Sunshine Daisies Kindle Cover.  I made this up fairly quickly without taking pictures as I went along because my stepson came home this weekend and brought his fancy new iPad with him.  What a fascinating toy piece of essential equipment!  I used it to test the fit and to take some pictures with it wearing the cover.  It was a perfect model.

I replaced the button with this larger one in the end, because it fastened more securely and looks more in proportion to the size of the cover.

Next projects - finish baby elephant for best friend's daughter, and make a Star Trek bear for my stepson.  I've had specific instructions about the shade of yellow needed for the Captain's sweater.  I got a nice ball of Rowan Pima Cotton in a mustard colour - hope it suits!

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