Thursday, 15 March 2012

Here's my current project - a cover for a Kindle 3.  I started with a couple of rectangles to fit the Kindle, pretty yellow cotton in a turtle stitch pattern.  Then I made a whole bundle of little white flowers.  They're not really daisies, but I like to think of them as daisies.
Sunshine daisies Kindle cover 5

They all fit on!  Yay!
Sunshine daisies Kindle cover 4

Next job - sewing on all the daisies.  I finished this late at night, hence the strange lighting.  Really must learn to use that camera...
Sunshine daisies Kindle cover 2

Now the sides have been joined up.  Lucky I remembered to do all the sewing on before I did this...
Sunshine daisies Kindle cover 1

and the back.
 Sunshine daisies Kindle cover 3

It fits my Kindle like a glove.  I'm really pleased about that.
Now all I have to do is add a fastening.  I'd like to make a triangular envelope-type flap using the turtle stitch you can see on the back.  Might have to experiment.  Then raid the button box.  Shell buttons are my favourites but that might look a little bit dirty against the white daisies.  Will post a pic when it's done.

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