Monday, 26 March 2012

It's Spring!

In fact, this may be summer, so we'd better make the most of it.  My garden is getting going big-time.

My daffodils are bright and cheery, and in the background, there are my hellebores.  First time they've ever flowered!

 These are Ranunculus.  The name is Brazen Hussy, and the flowers open up in the sun and close up at night.  I love to watch them.

 This is my little Kojo-no-mai Japanese Cherry, flowering fit to burst.

 This cherry is just starting to flower - it's called Ruby.

 This bit of the garden is the bit I don't usually own up to.  We've got to think of something to do with it this year.  In previous years, we've grown veggies on it, but they either don't do anything or produce way more than we can eat.  We're thinking of a nice seating area to make it easy.  It's a good sheltered space.

 The best bit of gardening is sitting looking at it.  And we've had just the right weather to do that this weekend!

 Our bird-feeding station.  We put out all sorts of stuff for the birds, but all they want is the mealworms.  They chuck all the seeds out in search of the yummy worms.  The coconuts full of yummy fat and seeds they ignore.  Spoilt birds!

I love being able to put the washing outside to dry.  It smells so much better.  And I get to use my home-made peg-bag...

This is the reason we have fussy birds.  All the little pretty birds go next door for their dinners, and we get the big ones that can take care of themselves.
Best friends for once, having worn themselves out stalking birds.  Rascals!

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