Monday, 26 March 2012

Headless Ted!

The Grunge Ted is developing well, and so is Mummy Elephant.
 A headless Ted, both sides done, still not decided what to do about the head.

 Side one, the front, with head.  I decided to work it upwards from the shoulders in the end, and put ears on afterwards.  I did consider making a circle for the head, but I thought it might look a bit too much like a gingerbread man.  This seems to be working.

And Mummy Elephant with two sides!  It's growing pretty fast, considering it's doubled from the original size and I'm working on the ted at the same time.

And look at this.  Remind you of anything?
Maybe it was only in the eighties and no one else would remember it now, but I'm sure that when I was at school we used a discus just like that, wooden and puck-shaped.  It never went very far when I threw it...

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