Monday, 19 March 2012

Sunshine Daisies Kindle Cover

Finished, with a little closing flap and button!  It took me a little while to decide what to do for a flap and which button to use.  I wanted to do an envelope type flap, using the shell pattern to decrease naturally, and it worked, once I'd done the maths.  (Not my strong point, maths.)  Then it took some time to sort through the button box and decide.  I found a white button which matched the flowers, but in the end I went for a shell one, because I just love those, and they go with everything.

Isn't it adorable?  I just love the freshness of the colours.  I have to admit to being inseparable from my Kindle, so covers are an ideal thing to make - an ever-present model to measure them on!

You can find this and other items on my Folksy shop, also called Little Lovely Stuff.  Click here.


  1. That's a very pretty kindle cover!

    Hope all goes well with your new blog.
    Fleur xx

    1. Thank you! May I add you to my reading list? (Am still working out how to drive this blog...)

  2. Ali, I definitely need to give you the measures for my iPad *is nodding*

    That would be such a cool cover :)
    Do you take orders???

    1. I certainly can take orders! Just email me what you want and I'll see what I can do. *polishes crochet hooks*