Monday, 11 June 2012

Technicolour Ta-dah!

Here it is - as promised, the finished bag!  I'm really pleased with it.

There's a black strap sewn onto the inside of the flap, to cover up the stitching for the press studs on the front.

Here's the front strap, stitched partway onto the front, to allow room for the flap to come down.

There's a strap for the handle to go through and press studs to hold it down for security.  Maybe velcro would have been more usual, but I can't bear velcro!

And the handle in place with the press studs closed.

The rear of the bag, where the handle is stitched down right the way across.

Nice neat stitching!

More neat stitching, with the inside pocket and the tethering at the side.

And the finished project!  Front...

... and back!  (And in the background - Flaming June!)

I'm really pleased with the way this has turned out, and it's been great fun to design it.  Working out solutions to problems and putting all the finishing touches on to make it user-friendly and neat has been challenging - the kind of challenge I love!

So this was a commission.  I'm totally happy to take commissions, if anyone out there has a request for anything.  Just bear in mind that I have a job that gets in the way that means that creations may take some time.  Costs are very reasonable - I just charge enough to enable me to buy more yarn.  It's a way of making a hobby self-supporting (with luck).

I would love to read opinions and comments on this.  What do you think?



  1. Absolutely LOVE it!
    Cannot wait to get it :)

    You're a real treasure and a GENIUS for taking this on. Now I'll have a truly UNIQUE Designer Bag :)))))


    xx Claudia

    1. I'm glad you like it, and I hope you like it as much when you get it. It is certainly unique - no one else in the world has one like it!

      Let me know when it arrives. I posted it on Tuesday, air mail.

      Ali x

  2. Hello Ali...I love your bag. It's a really lovely design and there is so much work really is a treasure. There is going to be a very happy recipient for sure!
    Hope you are having a good weekend,
    Susan x

    1. Thank you very much! The colours are really pretty and the bag is eye-catching! I just hope Claudia likes it when she gets her hands on it.

      Best wishes,
      Ali x