Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hippoos on Folksy!

My last two little crochet creatures, Hugo the Hippo and Somebunny, are up on Little Lovely Stuff, my Folksy shop now - click here to see

And to join the gang, meet Hugo's big sister, Petunia!

I had a long car journey down to London last Saturday, so while Himself was driving, I used my time constructively.  I had two entire sides of hippo done by the time we got home again!

(By the way, I always think of these as Hippoos.  My brother used to call them that when he was young, and the name stuck.)



  1. I will soooo get a hippo from you once the house project is done and I have my "bedroom" back.... More in my email to you :)

  2. *lol* It's going to be quite a while from the look of things! A big hippo then?