Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hippos and bunnies

More little lovely creatures!  A pretty little hippo, called Hugo.

He's got a little white tail to match his white eyes.  Do hippos have tails?  He seemed incomplete without it.

And another bunny, this one not so grungy as my Grunge Bunny.  This one's all sweetness.  She's got a purple felt heart, outlined with pearl beads.  Somebunny loves you.

A little pom-pom tail.

And floppy white-lined ears.

Projects on the go - a selection of little elephants, for a project to be revealed soon.  They're sitting on top of my new stash-tidy boxes.  I'm very pleased with those boxes.

And a purple hippo I made most of on a long car journey yesterday.  

And in other news, it's finished!
The Technicolour Dreambag!
The strap's all sewn on, the lining's attached to the outer, and the fastening's all fixed on.  Pictures to come soon!


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  1. Hippos do have tails - little short ones, so yours fits perfectly.