Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dangly Things!

Two new projects that I've been working on here - hanging chains.  I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to call them.  Dangly Things doesn't sound too good for selling them.  Hangings sounds a bit sinister...  Anyway, on to the pics!

Happy Little Bluebirds (name from 'Over the Rainbow')

And Follow Your Star, Elephant Chain.

Here are the Bluebirds.  I've just discovered where I got the inspiration for this design.  It's the wonderful Lucy, over on Attic24!  On her latest post, there are some lovely little birds made in the same way - a circle, folded over and given wings.  

I wasn't sure if this one looked a bit too fierce.  Big beak!

And this one might have been a bit dull?  The pink eyes make up for it, though.

Elephants!  Blue with green ears...

And green with blue ears.  Both have sequin and bead eyes.  Can you see the little tail?

And the star they follow.
The elephant hanging is a little long to go on the average door-handle, but the birds fit very well.  I have a diamonds and hearts one on my study door-handle.  In these pictures, they're hung from a hook we have in the ceiling by the fireplace.  (We hang Christmas decs on the hooks.)  They could be hung on a wall, or from a picture rail too.  They're just pretties to cheer up the home.  Everyone needs a bit of crochet around the house!

They're not yet on Folksy.  I've been approached by China Butterfly  to sell some of my pieces.  I've sent pictures of these and a few other things, so these might appear on Folksy, or they might be winging their way to Merseyside.  Some pieces might disappear from Folksy, until I can make replacements.  A new hippoo is under construction as I write.  Will post updates.  Am very excited!


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