Saturday, 24 November 2012

Hippoos, Rosettes and a little (big) something for me...

A little while ago, I sold a couple of Hoot Hats and a couple of Hippoos to a shop in Lincoln.  This week, they were back in touch to see if I had any more Hippoos!  I sent some pics and they've bought three more from me.  I'm hoping this means the first ones sold well.  

So, if you're in the Lincoln area, pop into Ever After in Garmston St and see if (from left to right) Rosalie, Rainbow and Delta are receiving visitors.  I sent them off with luggage labels threaded through their ears, with their names on and a short character description.  Rosalie dreams of being a ballerina, Rainbow likes painting and playing football, and Delta has a love of blues music.

Actually, Delta was going to be my dad's birthday present.  I've still got time to make him another, though.  It'll be with the same yarn - Patons Fusion - but it'll be totally different, because the variegation will stripe in a different place and I'll put a different decoration on.  Dad doesn't do internet, so he won't get a sneak preview if I post pics here.  I've finished (and posted) my best friend's birthday present, and I won't post pics here until her birthday's passed, because she might see...

These little pretties are on my shop now.  Little layered rosettes with backings of fabric and ribbons and pretty buttons.  It takes so little yarn to make these and such tiny scraps of fabric and ribbon that they're fab to make and sell.  You can go as wild as you like, or keep it subtle and classy.  They're nice affordable gifts for people to buy too.  I had a number of purchases for teachers' gifts at the end of last term, so I'm aiming to stock up a little.

And a little something for me...
Well, it's not little.  It's a granny square and stripe blanket from "Granny Square Crochet" by Catherine Hirst, using these colours.  I got them from a local yarn store, and it's great yarn to work with.  It's lovely working on a blanket in the colder months too, covering up your knees in this horrible cold weather.  Roll on Christmas!  At least there will be pretty lights and music!


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