Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Finished items!

Some of the works in progress are all done and ready to go!  Mostly the ones that needed stuffing.  The ones that needed some sewing done are still waiting.  But then, these are quite Christmassy ones, so it's sensible to get these on the shop ASAP.  I'm trying to make things that look mildly Christmassy but not overly so, so that they're still saleable after Christmas.  I set up a little pile of Christmas-looking bags and the tiny Christmas tree we forgot to put back in the attic last Christmas and hey presto!  Christmas birds!
Big Christmas bird.  You can see the gold sequins on the wings.

Small Christmas bird.  Again, sequinned wings and Goldfingering around the edge.  (I really don't envy the Strictly designers sewing on all the sequins they have to.  Fiddly in the extreme!)

Two little birds...

A silver sparkleheart, with silver sequins and little pink glass beads.

And introducing Lily the Hippoo!  I considered several different embellishments for her, and eventually, on the advice of Susan from Mary Jane's Tearoom, decided on a little flower behind her ear.  It's in a paler, slightly variegated shade of the teal-blue of her lower half.  Very pretty!

Lily, looking out into the garden.

Lily's flower.

These items will be going onto my shop as soon as I can manage it - before I have to go to work today, if possible.  You can find them here


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