Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Arch is up!

And it hasn't fallen down yet.

Seriously, with the amount of 'Postcrete' that went in round the legs, it'll survive a nuclear attack!  It looks really good.  Eventually, there'll be clematis and roses growing across it.  For now, I've parked a couple of pots of Nicotiana at the base.
In yesterday's lovely weather.  Today, it's cold and wet - a different season entirely.



  1. Hi Ali,
    I'm wondering if you'd like to appear in a piece I'm writing about crocheters for Crafseller magazine? Just a few words and we'd print a photo of some of your lovely work, plus your folksy details.
    Please drop me an email if you're interested.
    Thanks and best wishes

    1. Thanks, I'll email you on that address!

      Ali x