Monday, 21 May 2012

More Progress...

I'm making progress with the Technicolour Dreambag.  Borders have been added to the main panels, and they're ready to stitch together.  Often, I would crochet panels together, but I think I'll stitch these to be sure it's a good fit.  So here they are, all laid out on my ironing board.
The back panel with its spike stitches.

Close-up of the spike stitch.  I really like the way it worked in these colours.

The base of the bag.  Boring black, but no one's going to see it.

The front panel, with its fan stitches.

Close-up of the fan stitches.  They're all worked in the same direction so the front has the tidy side of the stitch on each row.

Side panels.  Everything has been bordered to bring them to matching sizes and firm up the edges.

And I even got onto the lining yesterday!  With patterns!  I usually use the panels themselves as the patterns for the linings, but here I made an actual pattern from some A3 sketching paper so I know all the lining parts are correct.  Right angles and everything!  I cut out all the pieces for that yesterday.

The only section I haven't completely finished yet is the front flap, because I wanted to measure it up against the front panel to make sure it's in a correct proportion - a little bit narrower, but not too much so.  That's under way at the moment.

Next steps - finish the front flap's border and cut out the lining for it.  
Make the pocket for the back of the lining.
Sew together the crochet panels.
Sew together the lining.
Pray that they fit!
Start work on the strap.

The pocket for the back panel is going to be a large one with a zip.  I've been thinking that through - the best way to add it and make it all neat.  Hand sew or machine sew?  I often hand sew things, because I can't always be bothered to get the machine out, clear the kitchen table, set it all up, etc, for something that's sometimes quite a small project.  This time, I probably will, so that it's neat, especially on the front part of the zip where it's going to show.  I'm also planning to do double stitching around the seams of the bag, to give it strength, so machine stitching is probably best.  

Okay, time to get on with my day.  Time to deal with all the little (extensive) patches of grey that mysteriously appear in my hair.  Then work, then crochet!  (The important part of the day.)


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