Thursday, 31 May 2012

It's a Bag!

It's really taking shape!  Look!

Here's the back with the pocket on.  I sewed the zip in by hand, but machined the pocket to the back.  *is brave*

I'm not the best pleased with the zip, but it works well, and I'd sewn it on so well that taking it back would have made a big mess.  It's not majorly noticeable.  Call it a handmade quirk...

A nicely put-together corner to make up for it!

Double stitching on the seams for durability.

The lining, all sewn together, and with the ends tidied.

And it fits! Yay!  (What a relief...)

And here's the bag with the lining sewn in.

There's a strap on the front to thread the handles under and fasten the bag.

The corners are tethered to make them fold inwards.

Bag with lining...  (I'm so proud!)

And neat stitching around the flap.  *sighs happily*

Next jobs - 
Measure the length needed for the handles.
Cut the black webbing for the handles.
Crochet the other side for the handles.  I'm thinking black, with coloured stripes.
Join handles to bag, and check that the fastening works.  It may need a press stud to hold it all back.

The light is at the end of the tunnel.

In the meantime, here's the bear I made for my mum's birthday.  She's obsessed by teddies.  There's getting to be increasingly less room for my dad in their flat!  And she had a little operation on her foot recently...


  1. Love your crochet bag Ali....those colours are so bright and cheery!...Hope you mum's foot is on the mend now...I'm sure the little ted brought a few smiles!
    Hope you have a lovely Jubilee weekend,
    Susan x

    1. Thank you very much! I must confess that the colours were chosen by Claudia, who I'm making that bag for. I might not have been so confident with such bright colours, but they are so nice to work with. I've noticed a real difference in feeling when I'm working on the coloured bits and on the black bits. Proof that colourful crochet is good for you!

      I'm about to call my mum, so I'll find out whether she waited until her birthday to open her present. I doubt it! I do know that she's got her plaster off and she's very happy with her new working foot.

      Have a lovely long weekend, despite the traditional Bank Holiday weather!
      Ali x

  2. I'm really bouncing in my seat here. You've outdone yourself Ali, I can already tell.

    Really, really cannot wait to hold this beauty in my hand. It looks every bit as perfect as I imagined it. No, scratch that, it looks even better ! :)

    Thanks, hun!

    Claudia xxx

    1. Thank you! I'm really pleased with it - I think you'll like it. It is a little larger than the original measurements, but I think that just suits the proportions. It's been so cheering to work with these colours - good choices! I hope it has a similar effect on you when you get it.

      Just a little while to go!

      Ali x