Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Stuff!

I've been pretty productive over Christmas, if a bit uncommunicative.  I'm pathetically attached to my routine, and as nice as a holiday is, I'm really thrown by the change to my routine, so I've been curled up on the sofa crocheting a lot.

Firstly, I finished the bags I've been working on.  The Spice Circles bag has its handles and lining, and the pretty pink buttons are sewn on too.

Spots on the outside and on the inside.  Webbing on the straps to strengthen them and prevent stretching.

This is the small bag made in Rowan Revive.  I couldn't think what to decorate it with, but then I found some embellishments I'd made for brooches which turned out too big and floppy.  Perfect for the bag!

A stripy lining and cotton webbing again for the handle.

A little Hermione-style bag.  It's just a little pouch, rather than the carry-everything-including-the-kitchen-sink one that Hermione had.  (Must get one of those!)  It reminds me of the kind of little bag Jane Austen's ladies had for keeping their little love-notes in.

And some new Hippoos!  In pairs this time.  I cut the pattern size down by half to make some tiny ones, and decided to make some mummies and babies.  This is Terra and Cotta.

And this is Coconut and Ice (Coconut on top, getting a good view).  Totally cute, yes?

I've finally got round to putting these lovelies onto my shop at Folksy here, before term starts again in earnest and I get stuck into my new OU course.  I have a few crochet projects still on the go, of course, but work is going to be slower and more relaxed for a while.  Pics soon, I hope - watch this space!



  1. Do you ship to the states? If so, what is the conversion for 16 pounds? If not, would you sell your pattern? I am in LOVE with your hippos! Thank you.

    1. Hi!
      I would be very glad to ship to the states. Checking with an online converter, the cost of the items would be 25 dollars. The only thing I'm not sure about right now is the cost of shipping. I'll need to investigate that. Please feel free to email me on to talk further about this.

      Ali x