Friday, 6 July 2012

New Hippoos!

Having sent off Petunia and Hugo to sunny Formby, to display themselves at China Butterfly,I set to with my hook to restock with hippoos.  No home is complete without a little herd of hippoos, after all!

Introducing Rosalie and Mudbath Mungo!

Rosalie is a tiny hippoo, made with Rowan's Fine Lace yarn and a 2.5mm hook.  Very fiddly, but I do like working with fine yarn, and it feels lovely!  I just wanted to stroke the ball of yarn.

Mungo is a bigger boy, made with Rowan's Pima Cotton and a 4mm hook.  He loves his mudbaths, like hippoos do, and he still has a big splotch of mud on his side and a serious tidemark from his last mudbath!

More colourful hippoos on the way.  Rainbow Hippoo!  It looks so pretty with all those colours I used on the Technicolour Dreambag, but there's one hell of a lot of ends to sew in!

And here is a batch of pretty yarn I've just received from Black Sheep Wools.  You might see that there are a couple of balls missing.  That's because they're in my car, gradually working into a candystripe hippoo in my lunchbreaks.  Can't stop the crochet!

And another experiment, after the Bluebird Dangly worked out so well.  I'm not too sure whether this looks like a Christmas tree ornament.  It was meant to look quite folky, but maybe I should make a bunch of these to sell for Christmas?  I'm planning to outline the wings with little pearly beads and add a little hanging cord in  a lovely beige yarn  (the same colour as Mungo's tidemark, in fact!).  The heart you can just see is going to get a second side, get stuffed and decorated before getting a hanging string.

Mungo and Rosalie will make their debut on Little Lovely Stuff on Folksy later on, when I get back from work.  I was hoping to have a free afternoon today, due to one of my schools having a sports day, but the Great British Summer has prevailed and the sports day has been cancelled.  No free afternoon for Ali.  :-(  Ah well, it keeps me out of mischief...


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